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Million Dollar Makeover

Three Exciting New Additions!



NEW Central Restroom Facility
A brand new Central Restroom facility will be constructed to replace the aging and woefully-inadequate current structure, enabling vastly increased privacy, accessibility, and cleanliness. The new building will utilize stalls and showers in exclusively unisex, single-person configurations, accessed from a series of external doorways. Most of these restrooms will be fully ADA-compliant, helping Twin Rocks better meet the needs of its many campers affected by disability.

See more about the new facility in the video below:

Pavers to Replace Gravel in Central Courtyard
Currently, the ambiance of the central area which connects the Dining Center, Meetinghouse, Hadley Hall, and Shelter is greatly tarnished by gravel—lots of gravel. Summertime dust gives way to wintertime mud puddles. Mobility-impaired campers strain to navigate wheelchairs. Thankfully, concrete pavers and sidewalks are slated to replace this gravel, dramatically enhancing both the appearance and usability of this important camp space.

Three Side-by-Side High Adrenaline Zip Lines
Three side-by-side zip lines will enable campers of all ages to “fly” alongside friends and family in a high adrenaline adventure above Cammack Field. The 500-foot long zip lines will be fully accessible, providing a signature recreational activity available to all Twin Rocks campers.

Macy Chapel Restroom 
Macy Chapel sits in a wonderfully-serene space in camp. Its secluded nature serves as an ideal location for small group gatherings and times of prayer, but its usability could be significantly enhanced by the addition of a restroom. This new restroom will be fully-accessible to campers affected by disability.

Please consider donating to Twin Rocks, keeping the camp on target to complete these projects in time for the camp’s 2018 Centennial. THANKS for your kindness. You are much appreciated.


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