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New Century Campaign

Twin Rocks Friends Camp & Conference Center constantly strives to enhance and improve its ministry, working diligently to deliver programs and facilities that successfully meet the needs of current and future campers. A century after Chester Hadley’s 1918 humble dream of providing life-giving adventures at the Oregon Coast, this dream lives on. As such, Twin Rocks is ready to embark upon two momentous next steps:

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Twin Rocks possesses a unique and rare opportunity. For its first 100 years, the entirety of the camp’s main grounds lay east of Highway 101, with the Pacific Ocean scarcely visible and the beach accessible only by venturing across the highway. While this arrangement proves enormously successful, acquiring affordable beachfront property has always been a desire.

Lodge Concept 01_1Now in 2018, four vacant lots directly across Highway 101 from the camp’s entrance have become available for purchase, and at a price well below market value. The camp envisions placing an adult and family retreat center on this property, enabling Twin Rocks to meaningfully expand its ministry to couples, families, and young adults.

The lots total 228 lineal feet of ocean frontage, comprise 1.07 acres, and list for $1.3 million. The property’s owners recently offered to make a charitable contribution by selling the lots to the camp for a total of $770,000 – less than 2/3 of their independently appraised value.
Drone Photo with Lots Circled
Twin Rocks is slated to formally acquire the property with “closing” on December 17, 2018. To make this possible, Twin Rocks is actively raising funds for this purchase, initially targeting the $250,000 needed to cover its down payment and first year obligations.

In reality, it is unclear when Twin Rocks will find funding to construct a proposed adult and family-style retreat center on the oceanfront lots. This could occur soon, or a decades-long delay could prove necessary. Nonetheless, given this rare and affordable chance to acquire this adjacent property, this purchase seems prudent, an important gift to pass down to future generations of campers.

Twin Rocks holds a rich history of thoughtful land acquisition. As the camp celebrates its Centennial, it is notable to reflect back: At its 50th anniversary in 1968, Twin Rocks did not own Charlotte’s Mountain; at the 65th, it had no lakefront property; and at the camp’s 75th anniversary in 1993, Twin Rocks was still without the property on which Pacific Woods Lodge sits today.


Twin Rocks is blessed with a terrific Dining Center, a building originally constructed in 1948 and impressively refurbished in 1996. However, thanks to the camp’s ongoing growth, the dining area’s 300-seat capacity is proving insufficient. A 2,500 square foot southerly addition will provide 100 additional seats, raising overall capacity to 400. In addition, this expansion will enable a more camper-friendly south-side Dining Center entrance, and secure a long-desired enlargement to the camp’s staff room.
Dining Hall Expansion for Promo Video 08
Community-building, serenity, and leadership development comprise three of the camp’s stated core values, and Twin Rocks prides itself on offering an environment conducive to promoting these standards with excellence. However, overcrowding in Twin Rocks’ camper and staff dining spaces are wreaking havoc with these key goals, as mentoring, meaningful conversations, and contemplation prove difficult in current, congested and chaotic dining rooms.

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Page last updated 11/23/2018

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