For youth entering 7th-9th grades in fall 2014

Dates: July 6-12, 2014
(3:30pm Sunday through 10:00am Saturday)


Tween Camp is all about awesome activities, building friendships, and opportunities to grow. It's a week full of activities like skim boarding and wave jumping, sand volleyball and Frisbee golf. Recreation games range from those that focus on teamwork to the ones that are wild and crazy! Tween Camp is a place where you can be yourself and get to know others in a setting that is welcoming and fun. There are also opportunities to grow spiritually through cabin group discussions, classes with relevant topics, and times of worship together.

Tween campers gain a much needed sense of independence and grow socially as they build friendships with those in their cabin, and also learn how to interact appropriately with those of the opposite gender in structured settings. Respect and care are important aspects of camp, and dedicated camp staff counselors model these sorts of friendships for campers and guide them as they are building new friendships of their own.

Tween campers also grow spiritually through focused conversations about God and his love for them. They are given experiences to see God at work in nature through engaging classes, and to praise God in times of worship together. Counselors spend time during the week with campers to offer encouragement and support in their spiritual journey.

Join us this summer for an incredible week of friendship, fun, and growth at Tween Camp 2014!


Quotes from Parents

"When I picked her up she said, 'I wish camp could last all summer long!'"

"When we asked our son what his liked about Tween Camp, he listed everything from recreation to worship. When we asked him to narrow it down to what his favorite part was, he told us he couldn't narrow it down to just one thing because he loved every part of Tween Camp!"

"Camp is INCREDIBLY well run. We always know what to expect, what to bring, how to prepare. As a worry-prone mama, it's a JOY to send my kids to TRFC and never, ever wonder if they're OK - I know that you're watching out for them physically, emotionally and spiritually. It's really a gift.""All camps should be run like Twin Rocks. The camp is organized, clean, and friendly. If you don't know where or what to do someone is there with the answer."

COMING SOON: Please register online or download and mail in a registration form.

Cost:  $328 ($298 if registered by June 20th)

Final cutoff: No registrations will be accepted after June 30.

For questions about registration, please call (503) 355-2284.

For specific questions about the Tween Camp program, please contact:

Tween Camp Co-Directors
Jon Maroni
Phone: (503) 538-9761
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Christy Crisman
Phone (503) 706-5342
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Twin Rocks Program Director
Joseph Thouvenel
Phone: (503) 355-2284
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