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History: 100 Years of Ministry


Since the first “conference” in 1918 to now, God has blessed the dreams, faith, vision, and work of hundreds of people. What foresight it must have taken for these pioneers to literally carve out space in overgrown salal and rotting logs to make room for their tents and crude cook stoves on Twin Rocks Friends Camp’s present site. But the rewards of Christian fellowship, spiritual birth and growth, and fun on the Oregon coast far outweighed any sacrifice.

During the years since 1918, each generation has built upon historic foundations. Concerned people were always there to meet a need. The vision has not changed! Today, as always, new niches of ministry, outreach, site, and facility improvements are being carved out as a result of vision and trust in God.

Video Presentation: An Abundant Century

The following video overview of Twin Rocks’ history was presented at the Centennial Celebration of Twin Rocks Friends Camp at its Centennial Celebration on July 21, 2018.

Museum Slideshow: A Remarkable Century of Camp Ministry

Below is a slideshow compiled of 250 photos summarizing Twin Rocks Friends Camp’s first century of ministry. These photos were enlarged and displayed in chronological order as a museum during Twin Rocks’ July 21, 2018 Centennial Celebration. This museum, titled “A Remarkable Century of Camp Ministry,” showcases 25 photos from each decade, and was created and presented by Dave & Susan Hampton.

To begin viewing the slideshow, please click on the first image (titled “Through the Decades”).


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Centennial Event

2018 marks the one-hundredth year since Twin Rocks Friends Camp was established. To commemorate the Centennial, the camp threw a grand celebration on Saturday, July 21, 2018 attended by 850 friends of Twin Rocks. (Visit our Centennial Event page to see photos of this special occasion, and an overview of the day’s activities.)

TRFC Centennial Circle




Twin Rocks in the 1930s


Waterfront 1973 web

Boating on Spring Lake, 1973

Twin Rocks Friends Camp