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Mission & Values


Twin Rocks Friends Camp & Conference Center is owned by the evangelical Friends Churches of western Oregon and southwest Washington.

Our mission is: To use God’s creation and a Christ-centered environment to promote personal growth and devotion to Jesus Christ.

We accomplish this mission by adherence to the following core values:

  • Christ-Centered Camping – Help people of all ages find and entrust their lives to the love and will of God, utilizing programs and staff that emphasize evangelism, discipleship, and creation.
  • Devotion to Scripture – Programs and teachings that help campers embrace God’s love and lordship by immersing themselves in the Bible and prayerfully reflecting upon its Truth.
  • Serenity – A peaceful, nature-focused environment that promotes growth through rest, reflection, and engagement with God’s creation.
  • Discipleship & Leadership Development – Programs that promote Christ-like leadership in all people.
  • Community Building – Programs and facilities that foster strong friendships and enhance family relationships.
  • Excellence – Top-quality programs, facilities, food, staff, and service.
  • Fun & Safety – Engaging activities within a safe environment.

Twin Rocks Friends Camp & Conference Center offers camps and retreats to individuals of all ages. In addition, Twin Rocks makes its facilities and grounds available for rental to other groups. This includes Christian groups, as well as secular groups with educational and/or family-building emphases. All camps and retreats should operate without opposing Twin Rocks’ basic principles.

Who Are the Friends (Quakers)?

Twin Rocks’ Statement of Faith

Twin Rocks Friends Camp