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Tiered Pricing

The True Cost of Camp and Tiered Pricing

You know your family’s financial situation better than we do. As you consider your family’s finances, please also consider the true cost of camp.

Twin Rocks uses a voluntary tiered-pricing structure. Rather than raising all camp fees to levels that fully cover camp expenses – and price camp beyond the means of many campers – we are giving you the option to pay more if you are able.

For each of our camps for kids and youth, you will find three different camp prices. You get to choose the one that best fits your family’s ability to pay. Please consider selecting the highest price your family is able to afford. By doing so, you’ll not only help cover the true cost of running camp, but also protect every child’s opportunity to meet Christ and grow at camp.

Tiered Pricing Structure 2020 Rates:

Day Camp
Boys/Girls Camps
Tween Camp
Surfside Camp
Young Adult
Tiered Pricing Options:










Discounted Rate: This base price is the most affordable, made possible by generous donors to Twin Rocks. We are glad to offer this rate because it keeps camp reasonably-priced for all.










Intermediate Rate: This mid-range rate doesn’t meet the full cost of camp, but does cover the basic costs.










The True Cost of Camp: This is the true overall cost of an individual’s participation at camp. This covers operational costs, plus upkeep to the camp’s facilities and equipment.


If the lowest price seems comfortable to you, choose it. If you think you can help with some of the bigger expenses of the camps, please choose a higher price.

Late Fees: A late fee of $30 will be added to registrations received after:

June 1st for Young Adult Retreat

June 15th for Boys Camp

June 22th for Girls Camp

June 29th for Tween Camp

July 13th for Day Camp

July 20th for Surfside Camp

Additional Scholarships: If paying the discounted rate proves challenging, please contact your local Friends Church or the Twin Rocks office (503-355-2284 /, as additional discounts may be available via scholarship. Please don’t let a lack of funds keep you from coming to camp.

Cancellation Policy: You can cancel a registration at any time. All payment, other than a $30 cancellation fee, will be returned to you.

Have Questions? Contact Twin Rocks Friends Camp at 503-355-2284 /

Twin Rocks Friends Camp