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Men’s Retreat

September 17-19, 2021


mens retreat


 (Note: For information on Women’s Retreat, please refer to the Friends Church denomination website.)

Join us at the Oregon Coast in September for a wonderfully unique Men’s Retreat, where we’ll combine the comforts and quality of a top-notch weekend retreat with the rugged outdoorsy flair of an old fashioned camp-out with good friends.

A Fun-Filled Retreat…

Activities: The weekend will abound with great activities including our new 700-foot dual zipline and climbing wall! And we’ll enjoy our traditional camp favorites—kayaking, archery, paddle boarding, beach walks, and dodgeball. And we’ll take time to relax and simply enjoy meaningful time with friends.

Worship: Retreat speaker Stan Leach will challenge us spiritually, and send us back to our camp-out locations with opportunity to engage in meaningful small group campfire discussion.

Food: And we’ll eat a lot of amazing food: Seafood, s’mores, and bacon!

Restrictions? Thankfully, camp life has largely returned to normal. No COVID restrictions are expected, with each camper choosing for themselves whether or not to wear facemasks. (Please note that the CDC and State of Oregon recommend indoor masking and social distancing for those with underlying health conditions or who are unvaccinated, and the camp will make it easy for those at Men’s Retreat to do so.)


Casual Time Around The Campfire…

Enjoy a laid-back weekend with friends. Hang out, share, pray, worship, and have fun together. The men from your local church congregation* will have your own campfire space, where you can gather around the fire for morning breakfasts and late evening snacks. Bring your guitars, lawn chairs, pop-up canopies, Frisbees, and gas grills, and take in a leisurely weekend schedule. If you are feeling adventurous, bring a tent and sleep near your campfire.** Otherwise, you’ll spend your nights in modern, comfortable cabins. It’s a wonderful weekend full of fun, relaxation, and meaningful time together with friends.

*If you are not part of a church congregation (or you are the only person attending from your church), “No Worries!” We’ve got you covered.

**Upon occasion, campfires may be outlawed due to Tillamook County seasonal burn ban restrictions.



Affordable Pricing:

Price: $180/person (sleeping in cabin) $120/person (bringing own tent)

Men’s Retreat costs only $90/person if your wife attends Women’s Retreat.


mens retreat3

2021 Speaker:

Stan Leach

Stan Leach, President and Founder of Equipping Leader Ministries, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from nearly 40 years’ working in various areas of ministry: youth ministry, foreign missions, new church development, denominational leadership, leadership development, coach and counselor to churches in crisis, and friend to many pastors in churches of all shapes and sizes. He is uniquely suited, both by giftedness and by experience, to function in urban, suburban and cross-cultural (particularly Spanish-speaking) settings.

Stan has an M.Div and a D.Min from Fuller Theological Seminary, but more than that, he has a heart for, a track record of, and a passion to serve the local church and see it flourish. After serving most recently as Superintendent of Evangelical Friends Church Southwest for 16 years, he felt God calling him to a new season of helping churches of all sizes prepare for the specific challenges that are on the horizon in a culture that is increasingly closed to the idea that church and Christianity are relevant to real life.

Stan has been married to Sandi since 1982 and they have three grown daughters, two sons-in-law and five grandchildren. Since returning from Central America in 1989, they have resided in Orange County, California.


2021 Men’s Retreat Schedule (subject to adjustments):

Friday, September 17, 2021

(PRE-RETREAT OPTIONAL EVENT FRIDAY MORNING: Charter Fishing Excursion. Extra fee applies. These individuals are welcome to sleep at Twin Rocks on Thursday evening.)

2:00-6:00pm: Camp-Out Areas Available for Set-Up (designated camp-out areas will be pre-assigned to each church group)

Twin Rocks provides fire ring, wood, and matches.
Your church should bring pop-up canopies, gas grill, lawn chairs, Frisbees, guitars, etc.
(A limited number of men may bring tents to sleep in. Most men will sleep in cabins.)
No one else coming from your church? No problem. We will set you up in a campfire area with several other great men.

4:00-7:00pm: Registration in Welcome Center (Cabins Available for Check-In)

5:30-6:45pm:  Buffet Dinner

7:30pm: Opening Session at Welcome Center

8:30pm: Camp-Fire Discussions & S’Mores

Saturday, September 18, 2021

8:00-10:15am: Breakfast & Hang-Out Time (in your camp-out area)

Twin Rocks will provide basic ready-to-cook breakfast ingredients (eggs, bacon, pancake mix, coffee grounds) for you to cook up and eat in your camp-out area.

10:30am: Morning Session at Victory Circle

Noon: Lunch in Dining Center

1:00pm:  Afternoon Free Time & Group Activities

  • “Build-A-Boat” Competition
  • Lakefront boating, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding
  • Zipline, archery, mini golf, games in Shelter gymnasium

5:30pm:  Supper

7:00pm: Evening Session

8:30pm: Conversations around the campfire

10:00pm: Late Night Event (Optional)

Sunday, September 19, 2021

8:00-10:15am: Breakfast & Hang-Out Time (in your camp-out area, similar to Saturday)

10:30am: Final Session

Noon: Campfire discussions

12:30pm: Make-Your-Own Sandwich Lunch Buffet

2:00pm: Check-Out

mens retreat 333


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why A Men’s Retreat? The weekend is built around two key purposes:
    • Enable men to establish strong relationships with other men from their own local church – hang out together, share together, pray together, worship together, have fun together – thereby strengthening the year-round meaningfulness of the local church.
    • Enable men to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Where will my church’s “camp-out” area be? Each church will be assigned a camp-out area in Cammack Field or Macy Field.
  • What if very few men are able to attend from my church? No problem. If you come alone or with a very small group, we’ll pair you with other great men for the weekend’s “camp-out” activities.
  • What do we need to bring to outfit our church’s “camp-out” area? Please bring whatever would provide space for the men at your church to relax and hang out together. Suggestions: lawn chairs, pop-up canopy, portable table, roasting sticks, Frisbees, football, gas grill, cooler, breakfast supplies (see below), guitars, etc.
  • Are sons invited? Men’s Retreat is targeted for adults, so participants need to be age 18 or older. (You might consider Camp Tilikum’s excellent Father-Son Retreats held each year in June.)
  • Can I bring an RV? Twin Rocks has a few RV hookups, so you are welcome to bring your RV to Men’s Retreat. However, there won’t be room in your church’s “camp-out” area for RVs.
  • Does my pastor pay to attend? Pastors attend Men’s Retreat for free! (“Pastor” is defined as anyone currently on your church’s pastoral team working half-time or more. Churches without male pastors may send a male lay leader in the pastor’s stead.)
  • Any prohibitions? Alcohol, firearms and pets are not permitted. Thanks for your consideration.
  • Who provides what for Saturday/Sunday breakfasts?
    • Twin Rocks provides: basic ready-to-cook breakfast ingredients (eggs, bacon, pancake mix), paper products (eating utensils, paper plates/cups), coffee grounds, basic condiments (salt/pepper, sugar/creamer, butter/syrup), fruit salad, ice.
    • Your church provides: gas grill, cooler, coffee percolator, cooking pans, cooking utensils (spatula, etc.), and any additional breakfast ingredients you desire (jalepenos? potatoes? hot sauces? mushrooms? other veggies? sausage? Oysters?)


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