Camper Information

Please read our important information.

  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Comfortable clothing, appropriate for camp (to ensure a Christ-centered environment, campers are asked to dress modestly. Please pack clothing
    that helps maintain a modest appearance.)
  • Warm coat, sweatshirt, rain gear
  • Beach clothes
  • Modest (one-piece) swimsuit
  • 2 pairs sturdy shoes
  • Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.
  • Towel and washcloth
  • Plastic bag for wet clothes
  • Flashlight, Camera
  • Bible (if you have one)
  • Notebook and pen

(Please mark clothing and items with your last name as the camp cannot be responsible for lost items. Items lost at camp are held for 30 days.)

Do not bring:

  • Inappropriate or immodest clothing
  • Anything with nuts in it as we are a nut-free facility during the summer.
  • Animals, radios, cell phones, music players (iPods), electronic games, computers, knives, fireworks, firearms, alcohol, drugs, personal sports equipment, etc.

Electronic devices such as iPods and cell phones
will be collected from campers and returned to
them at checkout. (Surfside campers driving
their own cars to camp will be asked to turn in
their car keys for the week of camp.)

Photographs of each camp will be posted on the camp’s website throughout the week. Log on to for photos of the week’s activities!
Summer camps at Twin Rocks are designed to provide youth with active, adventure-filled experiences within a safe and caring environment. Each camp provides campers with recreational activities, creative uses of the out-of-doors, positive peer interaction, supportive and caring Christian counselors, and solid Bible-based teaching.

What makes Twin Rocks’ camps so successful? The superb staff. Each camp leadership team includes education and/or youth ministry professionals familiar with camping methods and experiential learning techniques. These leaders relate effectively with today’s young people, and are committed to keeping camp fun, engaging, and Christ-centered. Twin Rocks is also blessed with a slate of hand-picked, carefully trained cabin counselors who model Christian commitment and strength of character. This counseling staff provides the backbone to our summer camp program, where purposeful small group activities stand at the core of camp. While campers enjoy an abundance of all-camp activities, it’s the small group discussions that make Twin Rocks camps special. Group-building initiatives create an atmosphere of trust, a place where lasting friendships are forged. Campers have the chance to be heard and cared for.

Twin Rocks Friends Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association, a stamp of approval verifying a camp’s quality programming and excellent safety standards. To receive this accreditation, Twin Rocks passed a rigorous, 157-point inspection.

We have an exciting week of camp planned, full of amazing activities and memorable experiences! If you have any questions about camp feel free to contact us at 503-355-2284.

Plan to arrive at Twin Rocks on the first day of camp between 3:00 and 3:30pm. Girls Camp and Boys Camp conclude at 7:00pm. Tween Camp and Surfside conclude at 10AM Late arrivals and early departures will be accepted only with prior permission of the Camp Director.

Call your local Friends church for carpooling information. If questions arise, please contact the camp office at (503) 355-2284. Please note that transportation to and from camp (and any liability thereof) is the responsibility of the camper, and not that of Twin Rocks Friends Camp.

Other than visitation for scheduled activities such as Family Day for Boys and Girls Camps, parents should get approval from the camp director prior to visiting the camp. Please call us if you hope to arrange a visit. In some cases visits are discouraged, so please call in advance.

Campers love to get mail! It is recommended that parents write to their campers at least once during camp. Mail received after a session is over will be forwarded to the camper’s home address. In addition to the child’s full name, please mark the envelope with the name of the camp they are attending.

The camp mailing address:

c/o Twin Rocks Friends Camp,

PO Box 6, Rockaway Beach, OR


For UPS or Fedex deliveries only, please use 18705 Hwy 101 N., Rockaway Beach, OR 97136.

If you would like to send a one-way email to your child, send it to [email protected]. In light of the limited access to computers, campers aren’t able to reply. Email received after a session is over will not be delivered. Please avoid sending e-cards or photos as these are often not easily printable.
Twin Rocks can accommodate the following five special diet needs: non-celiac gluten free, dairy allergies, diabetic, vegetarian, and vegan. Twin Rocks is a nut free facility during all summer camps. If your child has a combination of any of these diets, please contact the camp to discuss dietary options and to determine if the child will need to bring any supplementary items from home. Special diets are to be noted on the Medical History form and must be submitted to the camp at least two weeks in advance of camp.
While most campers will stay healthy, occasionally people get ill or injured at camp. To deal with such situations, we have at least one registered nurse or physician on duty at each of our residential youth camps. The enclosed health form includes a section on health history and parental release. Camp health care operates on a basis of standing orders reviewed and approved annually by our camp physician.

On the first day of camp, your child will have a brief health screening. Campers will be checked for contagious conditions and asked about recent illness or injury. Please do a thorough check for head lice a week or so before camp.

Any medications, including prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins must be turned in to the nurse during registration on the first day of camp. All containers will be returned to the parents at the end of camp, including those that are empty. All medications sent to the camp must be received in the original container with the label from the pharmacy indicating the name of the medication, dosage, frequency of administration, individual who prescribed it, and the name of the child. Vitamins and over-the-counter products must be in containers clearly labeled with the item description and the child’s name. Dispensing medication and all first aid care is recorded in a written log throughout the week. Please do not take your child off of any doctor- prescribed medication while at camp.

Campers at Tween Camp and Surfside Camp will have access each day to the Undertow Espresso and Camp Store where they can purchase snacks, drinks, and Twin Rocks apparel. Prices for apparel range from $12 to $40.

The Camp Store will not be open during Boys Camp or Girls Camp since sufficient snacks are provided elsewhere. Apparel can be purchased on Sunday during check-in or on Friday during Family Day activities. Any money brought by these campers will be held until checkout.

There may be instances when the camp needs to contact a parent/guardian. The general camp practice is to make contact when there is concern about a person’s health and/or when a situation is not progressing as expected (discipline, homesickness). If personal contact with parents cannot be made, then camp personnel will leave voice messages that appropriately communicate the concern and request a return phone call.

Medical situations which cannot be handled by the camp will be referred to the Tillamook Hospital Emergency Department. Parents will be notified as soon as possible in cases of emergency or serious illness. If necessary, camp personnel will contact your Emergency Contacts to authorize treatment for your child. Parents will not normally be called in the case of upset stomachs, headaches, scrapes, or bruises.