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Family Vacation Adventures

July 2-5, 2022

Twin Rocks Friends Camp’s newest program is proving to be a huge hit with families of all shapes and sizes.

This year Family Vacation Adventures will be held over 4th of July weekend, giving your family a chance to enjoy a relaxing time playing together at camp and take in Rockaway Beach’s fireworks extravaganza!

Family Vacation Adventures is a chance to get outside, take in the beauty of nature, have fun with family, and de-stress. Paddle across a lake. Build sandcastles at the beach. Play ping-pong. Hold a live sand dollar. Take a walk in the woods. Ride a zip line. Roast marshmallows. Eat ice cream. Breathe deep. Read a Scripture passage and thank God for the blessings of family. All of this and much more await your family at Twin Rocks this summer. Spend 4th of July weekend sleeping in a comfortable cabin, enjoying family-friendly meals, and basking in your personalized assortment of adventures.

6pm Saturday (7/2) through 10am Tuesday (7/5)

Please note: The COVID restrictions briefly mentioned in this video no longer exist.

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