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January 2023 Sabbath by the Sea Retreats

  • It’s a chance to relax, to spend time reflecting on life and the Creator who formed you.
  • It’s space to talk with God, and to listen to God speaking to you.
  • It’s a chance to rekindle your relationship with Jesus Christ, discovering joy in his mercy, strength in his loving hands of healing.
  • It’s the joy of choosing to wholeheartedly follow him, responding submissively to his call upon you, while basking in his love for you.
  • It’s uninterrupted time for just you and God, finding restoration from life’s trials and wounds.
  • It’s the peace that comes from taking time to pray, to really pour out your heart before God and listen for God’s response.

A stay at Sabbath by the Sea includes:

  • Extended time alone with God — space for solitude, reflection, relaxation, and renewal
  • Daily gatherings of the Sabbath by the Sea community for worship and prayer
  • A seaside setting along the Oregon Coast — blustery storms pounding ashore, followed by days of calm and thoughtful strolls along the beach
  • A chance to interact with God through a spectrum of Jesus Christ-focused practices such as journaling, artwork, Scripture, beach walks, and classic Christian writings
  • Personalized guidance and insight from spiritual guides renowned for their care, wisdom, and commitment to Jesus Christ
  • An opportunity to worship God through music
  • A schedule that adapts to meet your unique needs and concerns

A sample day…

No two participants’ Sabbath experiences are identical, and every day is different, but here’s a sample of what a day at Sabbath by the Sea might look like for you:

  • 6:30am: Rise early before the rest of the crowd and begin your day with a fresh piece of fruit, a good cup of coffee, and some quiet conversation with the Lord.
  • 7:45am: Gather with the 12 members of the Sabbath by the Sea community for pre-breakfast Scripture and prayers.
  • 8:30am: For breakfast, enjoy a scone and a bowl of oatmeal topped with dried cranberries and walnuts. Stay afterward for a turn helping wash dishes.

  • 9:30am: Sitting in an overstuffed chair next to a magnificent fireplace, hear and practice some spiritual disciplines that can help bring about spiritual growth.
  • 10:15am: Begin some extended time alone with the Lord. Take a walk on the beach collecting sea shells and talking with God. Return to your room for some Bible reading and journaling.
  • 12:30pm: Grab some lunch and continue time with God. Walk to a local coffee shop and read a few chapters from a spiritual classic. Journal about the book. Return to your room and take a nap. Or pick up some water colors and paint the scenery. Or compose a song on your guitar. Relax. Build a fire in the fireplace. Take another stroll on the beach and thank the Lord for his care and compassion.
  • 4:00pm: Meet one-on-one with a spiritual guide (these sessions are entirely optional). Share about your faith journey and dialogue together about ways to nurture your relationship with God.
  • 5:30pm: Enjoy leisurely fellowship together around the dinner table.
  • 6:45pm: Join with the Sabbath by the Sea community to sing songs of worship, reflect with the group (if you so desire) about the highlights of your day, and pray together.
  • 8:00pm: Put together a jigsaw puzzle as you chat with friends. Or grab a cookie from the kitchen and retire to your room to read some more from your book. Or simply listen to an Oregon Coast winter rainstorm beating on your bedroom window as you drift off to sleep.

“…I could never have anticipated the rewards this week has given me.”
– Jean M. (Vancouver, Washington)

“Sabbath by the Sea was better than I had hoped for! I was given the space and freedom to seek and hear and be with God in my own unique way, in the shared community of saints. It was a great joy and pleasure. The time was facilitated with grace and compassion.”
– Kim S. (Newberg, Oregon)

“I cannot recall another time in life that I have been able to set aside so many days in a row for prayer, listening, reading, and reflection. It was a wonderful time of growth and renewal. The leadership, camp support staff, accommodations, location, the community we experienced with others, and the obvious presence of God, all fit together to make this a very meaningful retreat.”
– Cliff L (Wichita, Kansas)

“[Sabbath by the Sea] offers a well-balanced retreat format that draws on the strengths of community, silence, sound biblical teaching, prayer, and God’s majestic creation of the Pacific Northwest. The entire experience is guided by caring, seasoned leaders who allow ample space for the Holy Spirit to work…. I highly recommend it!”
– Jeff R. (Newberg, Oregon)

“It’s an experience that is a blessing and something to remember for a lifetime. When I came I was tired, discouraged, and confused. But as the week went on, the Lord gave me rest, hope, and a clear mind through all the people and activities that happened. I leave with great joy!”
– Tracey P. (Kelso, Washington)

“[Sabbath by the Sea] has been an anchor in my spiritual journey — keeping me established in the midst of turbulent currents of life.”
– Ron M. (Rockaway Beach, Oregon)

“This retreat is a gift from God and to God. It is a time to receive great blessings and unload burdens. It’s been a time to simply adore our maker.”
– Paul A. (Newberg, Oregon)

“I came to the retreat with a desire to read, rest, and reflect. I was able to do so, which meant I could leave here renewed.”
– Michael G. (Cape Coral, Florida)

“It was a week “by still waters” for my soul, filled with rich and deep blessings of communing, not only with our living Lord, but also with others in His body also hungering after Him.”
– Barbara B. (Istanbul, Turkey)

“This week is the best gift you will ever give yourself. The setting at the Oregon coast is magnificent and perfectly suited for a time of personal reflection and drawing close to our Lord.”
– Barbara P. (Newberg, Oregon)

“I came tired and depleted from the rigors and joys of ministry. Immediately when I stepped on the grounds I felt God’s hand descend and begin to wash away my depletedness. I come away refreshed, renewed, and remolded. Something significant, yet subtle, took place, and my encounter with the living God will continue to infuse my soul.”
– John S. (Corvallis, Oregon)

“My experience at Harbor Villa was so great. I got to spend so much time alone with the Lord, as well as really enjoy and learn from time in community, and all this under the guidance of wonderful spiritual guides.”
– Andrew B. (Austin, Texas)


  • Full Week: Prices range from $565 – $995 (depending upon preferences and individual circumstances)
  • Half Week: Prices range from $290 – $510 (depending upon preferences and individual circumstances)

Prices include all lodging, meals and program expenses. Please register HERE. If the lowest prices listed on the registration page preclude you from coming, please contact us and request additional scholarship information (503-355-2284). Please don’t let a lack of funds deter you from attending.

NOTE: Married couples will share a room with their spouse, and share the restroom located in their room. Each person should register separately and each pay the shared restroom price.


Craig Davis, Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Rose Drive Friends Church in Yorba Linda, California, oversees Sabbath by the Sea. He has been on the leadership team of Sabbath by the Sea for the last decade. Craig also provides Spiritual Direction for pastors and others in his work with the Irvine, California based ministry of Soul Shepherding. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry from Barclay College and certification in Spiritual Direction from San Francisco Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Debbie, are the parents of three adult children (all married) and the proud grandparents of a grandson.

Under Craig’s direction, each week will be hosted by a different set of spiritual directors (or spiritual guides) who will lead community gatherings and offer (optional) one-on-one spiritual guidance sessions.

More Information about Leadership

For more specific information, please contact Twin Rocks Executive Director Ken Beebe.

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