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The Beach

Twin Rocks Friends Camp is located one block from a magnificent, 7-mile Pacific Ocean coastline. This beach is publicly-owned (as are all ocean beaches in Oregon), and the Camp makes frequent use of it for a wide array of activities. Just offshore stand two large rock formations from which the Camp derives its “Twin Rocks” name.

Sand castle contests, games of Capture the Flag, romantic strolls with spouses, times of quiet reflection about life, meaningful conversations with God, beach combing for sand dollars, marshmallow roasting over bonfires, kite flying, small group discussions, wave jumping*, skim boarding*, and spectacular sunsets make Twin Rocks’ beach an absolute delight for campers of all ages.

(* Please Note: The cold water temperature, combined with a strong undertow, make the Twin Rocks beach unsafe for swimming. Campers are asked to stay out of the ocean and instead swim on the grounds of the Camp in Spring Lake. Upon occasion, Twin Rocks will provide specialized “wave jumping” or “skim boarding” activities in the ocean under strict guidelines and the careful observation of certified lifeguards.)

Twin Rocks Friends Camp