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1. COVID-19 RELIEF. (As of 10-14-2021):

We are open! Following a 7-month COVID-induced closure, Twin Rocks reopened in April 2021 and enjoyed a fabulous summer, but COVID-19 restrictions remain, so we are experiencing smaller than normal attendance this fall. Thankfully, all-in-all, life at Twin Rocks is on the upswing. Please pray that the Lord will continue to grant us safety and a blessed autumn season.

Financial Health. A year ago, we predicted that Twin Rocks would likely lose $1.3 million due to COVID during the combined 2020 and 2021 years. Remarkably, today it appears that COVID losses will instead total less than $500,000. Such a deficit is far from good news, but the camp will weather it much better than was initially feared.

This improved financial outlook is due to several factors:

  • More campers. Thanks to significantly fewer COVID restrictions during summer 2021 than 2020, most weeks of summer camp felt entirely “normal.” Camp sessions weren’t typically full, and summertime revenue came in at just 78% of normal summers, but this far exceeded the 28% experienced in summer 2020.
  • Grants. In addition to two PPP forgivable loans, the camp received two grants from the State of Oregon (totaling $286,000), and a $125,000 grant from the M. J. Murdock Trust.
  • Kind donors. More than $450,000 in previously unpledged gifts have been contributed by Twin Rocks’ donors in the past 20 months!
  • Fewer expenses. Like much of America, Twin Rocks has had some difficulty securing its normal contingent of staff members, but given a reduction in campers, this has proved manageable.

2. CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: NEW CENTURY CAMPAIGN. Twin Rocks is entering into its second century strong. This campaign will ensure its continued ability to provide the environment and facilities necessary to meet the needs of current and future campers.

To learn more about this project, please view this video and visit our New Century Campaign web page. Please note that due to COVID, the dining center’s expansion has been placed on hold, and just $180,000 remains to be raised to enable the Oceanfront Lots to be fully paid when due in December 2022.


A donation to the Camper Scholarship Fund provides assistance to campers and helps Twin Rocks cover the true cost of camp.


To keep camp affordable for all, Twin Rocks operates on a very tight annual budget, relying upon generous gifts to its General Fund to make ends meet.



If you would like to contribute to one of these areas, please use the “Donate” button below or mail the camp a check and designate the project to which the funds will go (PO Box 6, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136). THANKS SO MUCH!


Remember Twin Rocks in your estate planning. The success of Twin Rocks for future generations of campers depends upon the thoughtfulness of today’s friends of the camp. For complimentary assistance in preparing your will or other estate documents, please email the camp’s estate planning consultant – Gene Christian of Charitable Estate Planning Northwest.


Help Twin Rocks by donating your time to the camp. The camp utilizes volunteers extensively, and would love to have your assistance! Click here for details on how to volunteer at Twin Rocks.



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