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1. CORONAVIRUS RELIEF. (As of 5-1-2021):

We are open! Twin Rocks remains under tight COVID-19 restrictions, but we have reopened, allowed by the State of Oregon to serve both youth and adults in overnight camping, utilizing facemasks, social distancing, and cohorts of up to 30 campers. Please pray for us that this goes well. THANKS!

(As of 2-13-2021):  Twin Rocks Friends Camp remains closed, eager to resume operations as soon as it is safe to do so, which we anticipate to occur in the late spring of 2021. Financially, the past year has proven enormously difficult. Thankfully, 275 families have already donated more than $160,000 to combat COVID losses, and the overall health of the camp remains strong. Unfortunately, much more is needed.  Can you help us defray our COVID-induced losses? Thanks so very much for your care and kindness.

(As of 9-19-2020): After a wonderfully successful summer, it is time to hit the pause button. For the next several months, Twin Rocks will discontinue most operations, awaiting a time when COVID and safety-restrictions reduce enough for campers to attend camp comfortably. Only a skeleton crew of staff remains at camp, but we look forward to ramping back up as soon as circumstances allow, which we anticipate occurring sometime in 2021.

Financially, this has been a difficult year for Twin Rocks, but in the midst of adversity, we have so many reasons to be thankful, including gifts totaling nearly $100,000 from more than 150 families.

The overall health of Twin Rocks remains strong, but very large losses appear inevitable in 2020 and 2021. If you are able, a contribution to Twin Rocks at this time would provide enormous help. Thanks.


(As of 6-14-2020): Here’s a video update describing Twin Rocks’ needs:

As of 5-15-2020: Many have recently contributed generously to Twin Rocks in this time of great need. Thank you! Before this is over, Twin Rocks will undergo 13 straight weeks without any campers, followed by a summer with less than 50% of its normal attendance. If you are able, we would be grateful if you would mail in a check or use the “Donate” button below. Thanks.

As of 4-15-2020: God is good – even in hard times. Twin Rocks Friends Camp has been unable to accept campers for several weeks, and we will remain shuttered until it is safe to reopen. This shutdown comes at a difficult time, normally a season packed full of energetic, exuberant campers. We take great joy in gathering people together to forge friendships, explore nature, and worship our loving Creator, so an empty camp in the midst of a beautiful Oregon Coast spring is hard to accept.

The overall viability of Twin Rocks is not in question, but if the shutdown persists as predicted, Twin Rocks will most likely require a long-term loan, one larger than ever before undertaken.

Gratefully, to date Twin Rocks has fared relatively well. We have managed to retain our employees (thanks to the possibility of a forgivable loan from the Payroll Protection Program). As a staff, we have enjoyed great times of Zoom worship. We are deep cleaning the camp, painting, mowing lawns, and creating an amazing “Nature Center” on the lower level of Friendship Center.

Most importantly, we are eagerly (optimistically) preparing for summer camp! Time will tell if we are actually able to offer our regular slate of camps, but we are having great fun with our planning.

The longer the shutdown persists, the greater the financial damage to Twin Rocks. Thankfully, the recently passed CARES Act provides unique opportunities to give generously to charities of our choice. For example, most adult Americans will soon receive a $1,200 stimulus check and a tax incentive to donate $300 ($600 per couple).* Please consider contributing $300 or more to Twin Rocks (or another charity dear to your heart).

*The CARES Act allows for up to $300 in charitable contributions to be above-the-line income tax deductions, meaning you do not have to itemize to claim the deduction.


2. CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: NEW CENTURY CAMPAIGN. Twin Rocks is entering into its second century strong. This campaign will ensure its continued ability to provide the environment and facilities necessary to meet the needs of current and future campers.

To learn more about this project, please view this video and visit our New Century Campaign web page.


A donation to the Camper Scholarship Fund provides assistance to campers and helps Twin Rocks cover the true cost of camp.


To keep camp affordable for all, Twin Rocks operates on a very tight annual budget, relying upon generous gifts to its General Fund to make ends meet.



If you would like to contribute to one of these areas, please use the “Donate” button below or mail the camp a check and designate the project to which the funds will go (PO Box 6, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136). THANKS SO MUCH!


Remember Twin Rocks in your estate planning. The success of Twin Rocks for future generations of campers depends upon the thoughtfulness of today’s friends of the camp. For complimentary assistance in preparing your will or other estate documents, please email the camp’s estate planning consultant – Gene Christian of Charitable Estate Planning Northwest.


Help Twin Rocks by donating your time to the camp. The camp utilizes volunteers extensively, and would love to have your assistance! Click here for details on how to volunteer at Twin Rocks.



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