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Million Dollar Makeover

Update: December 2019

The Millions Dollar Makeover conducted by Twin Rocks over the past five years has proven wonderfully successful, delivering $1.3 million in upgrades, keeping the camp in top condition. Much of the Makeover has focused on accessibility, enhancing Twin Rocks’ ability to serve families affected by disability.

The newest and most photographed addition is a 700-foot dual zip line that traverses Cammack Field and terminates at a 32-foot tower with climbing wall. Since opening July 1, the zip line has already provided campers with more than 1,500 rides!

Thanks to the generosity of more than 400 families and grants from the Gray Family Foundation and the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust, the entire $1.3 million in improvements is fullly funded.

These Makeover improvements have proven immensely popular with campers, and compliments have abounded. Most every day, campers can be ehard sharing how impressed they are by Twin Rocks’ attractiveness and excellence. Perhaps most notable is the feedback the camp has received from campers affected by disability, who now benefit from accessible restrooms, hardscaped walkways, wheelchair ramps, and a zip line available to everyone.


  • New Central Restroom Facility
  • Dual Zip Lines and Climbing Wall
  • Macy Chapel – Accessible Restroom
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Flatbed Truck & Pickup
  • 185 Comfortable Mattresses
  • Re-Surfaced Gymnasium (Shelter) Floor
  • Deck Repairs
  • Cabin Remodels
  • New Dock at Spring Lake
  • Hadley Hall Roof
  • Lakeview Amphitheater
  • Park Model Volunteer Housing
  • Garage for Staff Homes
  • Industrial Laundry Facility
  • “Fort Rocks” Playground
  • Beach / Trail Wheelchairs
  • Central Courtyard – Sidewalks & Pavers
  • New Bonfire Pits
  • Lower Friendship Center converted to Nature Center (coming early 2020)

Update: October 25, 2018

Much has been happening this fall at Twin Rocks! This video slideshow offers photos of a gravel-free Central Courtyard and our new Restroom facility (10 restrooms to supplement those already within cabins and meeting spaces).

Update: August 30, 2018

“Completing A Million Dollar Makeover”

“In 2014, Twin Rocks began a four-year Million Dollar Makeover in an effort to ensure excellent camp facilities and amenities for future generations of campers. As a result of these efforts, the camp now contains nearly 200 new mattresses, a new dock at Spring Lake, new decks, new roofs, new paint, cabin remodels, and other restorations. Needs for ongoing repairs will invariably persist, but the camp enters its second century in remarkably strong shape.

The final component of the 2014-2018 Million Dollar Makeover remedies Twin Rocks’ insufficient accessibility. Several key projects are in the works, fully funded and in various stages of implementation. A new and accessible Central Restroom facility nears completion, a restroom now accompanies Macy Chapel, and hardscape surfaces will soon replace gravel in the camp’s central courtyard, enabling easy travel for wheelchairs. Lastly, a long-awaited accessible zip line will greet next summer’s campers. As such, the Million Dollar Makeover should be fully complete in early 2019.”

—Excerpt from the July 21, 2018 A Remarkable First Century publication

Here are the newest pictures of our Central Restroom facility…




…as well as some photos of the Macy Chapel addition!





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Update: February 18, 2018

Million Dollar Makeover – FUNDRAISING COMPLETE!

In late 2017, we reached 100 percent of our Million Dollar Makeover goal,
and we are now in the process of implementing the last phases of the Makeover!

Here’s our new Central Restroom facility now under construction (as of February 9, 2018):



Update: October 13, 2017

Can you help us raise the final 9% 0.5%?

We have raised 99.5 percent of our Million Dollar Makeover goal,
and are just $6,000 shy of meeting our need.


Announcement: May 27, 2017

Murdock Awards Twin Rocks $243,000

Million Dollar Makeover 91% Funded!

Twin Rocks recently received great news: The camp has been awarded a $243,000 grant from the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust. These funds will help Twin Rocks enhance its ministry to campers affected by disability. As a result, Twin Rocks is ever-so-close to funding…

    1. Zip Line. A 500′ long, 3-person zip line soaring high above Cammack Field, fully accessible to campers affected by disability;
    2. Central Restroom. A new and improved Central Restroom facility constructed with 10 individual bathrooms and/or showers, vastly enhancing privacy and accessibility;
    3. Enhanced Walkways. All gravel eliminated from pedestrian areas with the installation of pavers and concrete sidewalks, providing attractive and mobility-friendly walkways and courtyards in the center of camp; and
    4. Macy Restroom. A fully-accessible restroom added to Macy Chapel. And more….

(Scroll down to view videos created last summer which describe these projects.)

This is now the fifth major grant received by Twin Rocks from the Murdock Trust during the past 17 years. The Trust was created in 1975 by the will of the late Melvin J. (Jack) Murdock, who was a co-founder of Tektronix, Inc. The Trust’s mission is to serve individuals, families and communities across the Pacific Northwest by providing grants and enrichment programs to organizations that strengthen the region’s educational, spiritual and cultural base in creative and sustainable ways.

Thanks to this generous award and the kindness of more than 350 families, Twin Rocks’ Million Dollar Makeover campaign is now 91 percent funded! (More than $1.1 million of the $1.3 million total goal has been secured – leaving just $120,000 yet to raise. Once final funds are raised, the Murdock Trust will officially authorize this top-off grant.)

It’s an exciting time at Twin Rocks. Please join us in thanking the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust for their wonderful generosity.

Million Dollar Makeover details and videos (as posted summer 2016):

NEW Central Restroom Facility 
A brand new Central Restroom facility will be constructed to replace the aging and woefully-inadequate current structure, enabling vastly increased privacyaccessibility, and cleanliness. The new building will utilize stalls and showers in exclusively unisex, single-person configurations, accessed from a series of external doorways. Most of these restrooms will be fully ADA-compliant, helping Twin Rocks better meet the needs of its many campers affected by disability.

See more about the new facility in the video below:

Pavers to Replace Gravel in Central Courtyard
Currently, the ambiance of the central area which connects the Dining Center, Meetinghouse, Hadley Hall, and Shelter is greatly tarnished by gravel—lots of gravel. Summertime dust gives way to wintertime mud puddles. Mobility-impaired campers strain to navigate wheelchairs. Thankfully, concrete pavers and sidewalks are slated to replace this gravel, dramatically enhancing both the appearance and usability of this important camp space.

Three Side-by-Side High Adrenaline Zip Lines
Three side-by-side zip lines will enable campers of all ages to “fly” alongside friends and family in a high adrenaline adventure above Cammack Field. The 500-foot long zip lines will be fully accessible, providing a signature recreational activity available to all Twin Rocks campers.

Macy Chapel Restroom 
Macy Chapel sits in a wonderfully-serene space in camp. Its secluded nature serves as an ideal location for small group gatherings and times of prayer, but its usability could be significantly enhanced by the addition of a restroom. This new restroom will be fully-accessible to campers affected by disability.

Please consider donating to Twin Rocks, keeping the camp on target to complete these projects in time for the camp’s 2018 Centennial. THANKS for your kindness. You are much appreciated.


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