Learning to Grow, Learning to Lead

One of Twin Rocks Friends Camp’s core values is leadership development: to facilitate programs that encourage Christlike leadership potential in all people. The following are a few examples of leadership development in the ministries of Twin Rocks Friends Camp:

Michael Chapman, Intern 2005-2006

My experience at Twin Rocks is one that I know many share: growing up as a camper, then becoming a counselor and serving on camp, helping affect kids’ lives for the Kingdom.

This journey, this progression through the Twin Rocks ranks, has significantly altered my life. But there is one Twin Rocks experience I didn’t name, one not many have had, which has had the most impact on me, and that was serving as a Twin Rocks Intern.

I’ll be honest. Interning at Twin Rocks did not start as an easy experience for me. I was newly married, had recently graduated from college, and was lacking a vision of who I was and where I was headed. Through the course of that year I was given opportunities to explore my gifts and passions, space to listen to Christ, and guidance from great people who affirmed and named gifts they saw in me. One of those people who clearly affirmed my gifts of leadership and administration was Ken Beebe, pointing things out I had never seen before, and giving me opportunities to test those gifts in the life of the camp; most notably by allowing me to help plan the “Soaring to New Heights” fundraiser that was held at the Evergreen Aviation Museum. It was that experience specifically that had the most impact on me during my time at Twin Rocks and helped get me to where I am today.

Since finishing my internship I have gone on to complete a Masters in Business Administration (at Ken’s encouragement) focusing on International Relief and Development, melding my clear calling to serve the poor with my gifts of leadership and administration. After spending some time in Rwanda, Africa this spring I took a job with Mennonite Central Committee, the relief, development and peacebuilding arm of the Mennonite Church, as the West Coast Resource Development Director. The connection between what I do today, and the experiences I had at Twin Rocks is clear and direct; I would not be where I am today if I had not had such a significant experience at Twin Rocks. I would never have thought of myself as a leader, pursued graduate school, or even considered taking a fundraising job at a nonprofit organization if I had not clearly seen the need and impact that good leadership can have on the life of a church ministry.

Vicky Scott, SLP 2006, Summer Staff 2009

Each of my camp counselors at Twin Rocks—as well as other camp staff—have played a vital role in my life in teaching me how to pursue Christ. Now, years later, I look forward to each week I counsel, and pray God will use me like He used my counselors over the years. Five years ago as a Tween camper, I sat on a bench in Macy Field, processing with my counselor what was going on in my own life during my first week as a camper at Twin Rocks. This summer, I sat on that same bench with a camper while she shared some of the joys and struggles from her life. I left that conversation feeling extremely grateful: things had come full circle! Just a few weeks later, I sat again on that same bench with that same counselor from my first time at camp, unpacking the challenges and joys I was experiencing while being a part of Summer Staff at Twin Rocks. I am thankful for the constancy of Twin Rocks, and all its accompanying experiences. Songs have been, and continue to be sung that remind me of God’s faithfulness. Tough questions have been, and continue to be asked about how we relate to our God. Games have been, and continue to be played that remind me of the joy found in fellowship and simplicity. And relationships have been, and continue to be formed that remind me of the journey we are on. The journey wouldn’t be nearly as exciting without the people walking alongside us, and Twin Rocks has blessed me with family that I deeply treasure.

Taylor Swan, Servant Leadership Program 2009

There are a few experiences which hold together the foundation of my faith in Christ. As a camper at Surfside I have experienced more than one of these moments. During open worship one evening at Surfside Camp, I felt and sensed God’s presence in a tangible way; His voice emanated from every person who stood up to share their heart with the community. God was present, as He always is, but at that moment, He became more alive, more real to me than ever before. Later that evening I remember lying on the grass in the meadow, the very spot where God had first become real to me years ago. As I lay there, God kept speaking to me, kept whispering the same thing over and over, words vital for me to hear. “I am near. I am near. I am near and I will always be near.” In His still presence, I knew, I know, His love. These experiences at Twin Rocks have become pillars in my faith, moments that remind me of God’s love as I journey through life’s joys and struggles.

Twin Rocks introduces the Solid Rock Society

You love Twin Rocks. Your faith became real. Your kids and grandchildren are  already talking about “next year when I go to camp.” It’s a place that means so much to you. You’d like to be a part of making sure that future generations – your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, neighbors – will have the same Christ-focused camp experience that altered your life. But how? Consider a legacy gift to the camp and join the ranks of the Solid Rock Society.

The newly established Solid Rock Society was formed to thank and pay tribute to friends of Twin Rocks Friends Camp who have left, or are planning to leave, a legacy gift through a will, a trust, or an annuity.

Becoming a member of the Solid Rock Society is easy: simply let the camp know that you have included Twin Rocks in your estate planning.

As a member of the Solid Rock Society, you can designate where your support ultimately goes. You might consider underwriting Master Plan implementation, capital improvements, camp scholarships, recreation equipment, leadership development, facility maintenance, or simply where the need is greatest.

Solid Rock Society members will be honored on a special plaque that hangs prominently at Twin Rocks. Additionally, you will receive a framed certificate and be invited as a special guest to an annual Solid Rock Society event.

Legacy gifts have ranged from $5,000 to $690,000 and include Pacific Woods Lodge, primarily funded through the Helen Hutchens estate. The Ed Hart estate provided upgrades and repairs to several existing facilities including Hadley Hall, staff home remodels, and Lighthouse remodel. The Miniature Golf Course was constructed as a result of a gift by the Ilene Haskins Warkentin Memorial Fund. The Prayer Lookout was funded through the Peggy Cadd estate and memorial gifts. A Girls Camp scholarship was endowed for life through the Peggy Surdevant estate and memorial gifts. Other camp scholarships have been endowed such as those through the Dick & Ruth Johnson estate, Richard & Norma Beebe estate, and Peggy Newkirk estate.

For more information on the Solid Rock Society or free estate planning assistance, contact Dave Hampton at the Twin Rocks Friends Camp office at 503-355-2284 or email him at [email protected].

A Soaring Success

Twin Rocks has made great progress implementing initial elements of the Master Site Plan it introduced in 2006. In the past three years, the camp has emphasized three items:

Greenway The cornerstone to the camp’s Master Plan is a greenway connecting the north and south portions of camp. To begin the Greenway, thick brush, garbage dumpsters, and a deteriorating cabin (Aymara) were removed and replaced with green grass, attractive native landscaping, and a large courtyard complete with conversation-enhancing tables & chairs, small amphitheater, and fire circle.

Osprey A large cabin constructed near the sand volleyball courts now serves as the prototype for future cabins at Twin Rocks Friends Camp. The 20-bed, 2,200 square foot Osprey is actually four cabins in one. It includes two motel-sized rooms upstairs and two youth cabins on the main floor.

Routine Upgrades At the core of the Master Plan is a commitment to “Keep the Camp in Top Condition.” As such, during the past three years, three Cabins of the Trees were gutted and fully remodeled; furniture and bed linens were updated in Pacific Woods Lodge; new carpet and upgraded furniture were placed in the Meetinghouse and Lighthouse; and sound reduction panels were installed in the Dining Center to reduce echoing. A fourth element of the Master Plan’s first phase — a new roadway around the camp’s perimeter — is slated for 2010.

Wish List

Twin Rocks needs a few key items, and is seeking the following donations: • A commercial ice machine with a 600 pound bin

• Late model small SUV, capable of transporting staff in inclement weather

• A two-port commercial espresso maker

• A wheelchair with foot rests

• Daybed with a trundle pullout for the Prayer Lookout

• Time at a beach or mountain cabin for staff to retreat and rest

Year-End Donations

Payments from more than 90 percent of pledges to Twin Rocks Friends Camp’s Soaring to New Heights campaign have been received since the inception of the campaign three years ago. As a result, just $59,000 is left to be paid on nearly $690,000 in pledges. However, as the 2007-2009 Soaring campaign draws to a close, it’s apparent that some donors will be unable to complete their pledges.

If you’re looking for a way to help Twin Rocks with its current needs, please consider making additional gifts to Soaring to New Heights, helping the camp complete this campaign prior to its next big fundraising event scheduled for May 22, 2010 (and mark your calendars now for this upcoming family-friendly extravaganza at the beach).

A Solid Road to the Future

Twin Rocks’ long-awaited new roadway will soon become reality. The cornerstone to the camp’s Master Site Plan, this paved road running the perimeter of camp will free the center of camp for campers. For the past three years, Twin Rocks has implemented a number of key initial construction projects, paving the way for this new roadway.

Why a New Road?

Camp is for Campers. Several roads currently cut through the center of Twin Rocks Friends Camp. A new road around the outside will enable existing roads to be removed, leaving green grass, sidewalks, patios, picnic benches, and serenity for Twin Rocks’ campers. The change will be dramatic. Twin Rocks Friends Camp will take on a whole new, camper-friendly feel.

Protection from Cars & Trucks. A vehicle-free core of camp will allow campers  to walk and run freely, without the danger of in-camp traffic. New parking areas will eliminate the presence of cars near cabins. And a revised
food service delivery system will remove semitrucks from pedestrian-only  areas. The overall safety of camp will be significantly increased.

A Showcase of Twin Rocks’ Property. The new road will meander among the camp’s stately evergreens and lush ecosystem, introducing arriving campers to the magnificence of God’s creation that awaits them at Twin Rocks Friends Camp. And the roadway will be paved with asphalt, eliminating the ever-present clouds of dust currently emanating throughout camp.

When Can Construction begin?

Summertime. Road construction along the Oregon Coast is limited to the dry time of summer, when a solid roadbed can be laid free of the rainy season’s mire and muck.

When Plans are in Place. Thankfully, nearly all advance work necessary for the road’s construction is complete. Plans have been drawn up by a civil engineer, meeting the guidelines set forth by the Division of State Lands, Oregon Department of Transportation, a geotechnical engineer, and Tillamook County. These plans are now being bid on by road contractors and reviewed by a team of Twin Rocks staff and construction-savvy constituents.

When Funding Permits – June 2010? A major fundraising event is scheduled for May 22, 2010, with hopes of securing sufficient cash and pledges for the road project to begin in early June, and be completed by mid-September. The family-focused fundraiser will be held on the grounds of the camp, and will include a salmon bake, numerous camp activities, a Twin Rocks historical museum, and tours along the path of the proposed new roadway. You’re invited!

You Should Know…

■ Twin Rocks experienced record high attendance at 2009 Friends Youth  Summer Camps. Overall attendance has risen over 30% since 2004!
■ 37 graduated seniors attended Surfside 2009 as participants of Grad Camp, a new Twin Rocks program aimed at helping new graduates transition from high school to life after high school. Grad Camp received high praise from participants and Surfside looks forward to continuing this program in the future.
■ Year-round Volunteer Position: Harbor Villa Retreat Center Caretaker. Twin Rocks is looking for a retired couple or two who would like to spend a couple of years living at the beach, overseeing guest hosting, housekeeping and routine maintenance duties at the camp’s 50-bed retreat center. Housing is available on-site, and the position is available beginning February, 2010. For more information, please contact Hannah Frankamp at the Twin Rocks office at (503) 355- 2284 or email her at [email protected]. If two couples are selected, they will each work 1-3 months at a time, and spell one another.
■ After 10 years of service as Associate Director at Twin Rocks, Dennis Littlefield and his family have returned to their roots. Dennis left Twin Rocks in May to assume his position as Executive Director at Tilikum Retreat Center in Newberg, Oregon. Though leaving Twin Rocks and the relationships they made here is difficult, Tilikum has always held a special place in the Littlefield’s hearts. Dennis served as Program Director at Tilikum for almost 10 years in the 1990s. Dennis and his wife Joan, along with their daughter Elizabeth and son Andrew are greatly missed.
■ Bruce Becker joined the Twin Rocks kitchen staff as Assistant Food Service Director at the beginning of October. Bruce and his wife Christina, along with their two children, have a long history with Twin Rocks Friends Camp, serving on the Family Camp Committee and attending various Twin Rocks programs over the years. Bruce’s predecessor, Chuck Stobie, left the camp in August to pursue venues closer to his children.
■ Start the New Year right by spending a week of quiet reflection with Christ. Each January, Twin Rocks’ oceanfront Harbor Villa Retreat center becomes home to the Center for Personal Growth in Christ, a place for week-long personal prayer retreats for people looking to rejuvenate their relationship with God. More information can be found at www.twinrocks. org. Scholarships are available.
■ Twin Rocks Friends Camp recently established an endowment for camp scholarships in memory of Lorraine Palmore. This $5,000 gift generates enough interest to ensure a full camp scholarship to one camper every year for as long as Twin Rocks Friends Camp exists!
■ Dessert Celebrations. On Sunday, October 25, more than forty current and past camp directors and their spouses from Boys, Girls, Tween, Surfside, Adult Fellowship, and Family Camps gathered together for a joyful reunion. Later that day, another gathering took place with over sixty full-time staff and board members, past and present. These celebrations highlighted the successful ministry of Twin Rocks Friends Camp, allowing guests to share personal stories of how the camp has and is impacting lives. “It was great to have all these wonderful people together in the same room,” says Ken Beebe, Twin Rocks’ Executive Director. “It is amazing to see the many decades of passion, hard work, and support for the camp that they represent!” The celebrations were sponsored by the newly formed “Solid Rock Society.”
■ Youth Camps are not just for the summer. On President’s Day weekend (February 12-15, 2010) middle school students from all over the Northwest will gather together at Twin Rocks for Junior High Jamboree, an annual retreat programmed specifically for youth in 6th-8th grades. For more information, contact Chris Ross at the camp (503-355-2284).
■ General Fund Giving. Due to the generosity of donors, Twin Rocks Friends Camp raised $42,000 dollars for the general fund in 2009, money that funds day-to-day operations and ensures high quality camps and facilities. These gifts proved especially meaningful this year, during difficult economic times.

Coming Your Way: One Amazing Summer.

The summer of 2010 is shaping up to be an amazing one. This notion recently dawned upon me as I trudged through brush with our engineer and road contractors, surveying the landscape of our upcoming new perimeter roadway. It brought a huge smile to my face. We’ve been waiting a long time for this!
At Twin Rocks we take great pride in the wonderful ambiance of camp: the peaceful, serene location where campers relax and unwind; the gentle singing of the birds; the smell of the sea; the calming that comes from the mesmerizing sound of ocean waves rolling ashore.
But hopefully, this summer will be slightly different. If fundraising goes according to plan, the camp’s serenity will be interrupted a bit by the chugging of earth-moving equipment. Building a road at the Oregon coast requires dry, summer-time construction, so Twin Rocks’ long-awaited perimeter roadway is slated to be installed during June, July, and August.
Thankfully, since the road will run around the outside of camp, its construction won’t interfere with day-to-day camp activities. A fortress of barriers and fencing will keep campers and construction totally separate from one another. It’ll be a summer of wonderful sounds: Campers praying, laughing, singing, and playing, intermixed with the distant drone of trucks building an amazing road to our future.
—Ken Beebe, Executive Director

Summer Camps 2010:

It’s time to get this summer’s camp dates on your calendar!
Girls Camp — July 4-9, 2010 For girls entering 4th-6th grades
Boys Camp — July 18-23, 2010 For boys entering 4th-6th grades
Tween Camp — July 11-17, 2010 For youth entering 7th-9th grades
Surfside Camp — August 8-14, 2010 For youth completing 8th-12th grades
Day Camp — August 2-6, 2010 For local children entering 1st-5th grades
Family Camp — September 3-6, 2010 Labor Day Weekend
Adult Fellowship Camp — September 17-20, 2010 A Gathering of Friends