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Lots & Losses Campaign – FULLY FUNDED!

(As of 2/10/2023)
Twin Rocks’ $1.35 million “LOTS & LOSSES” Campaign IS FUNDED! Thank you for making this possible.

The “LOTS & LOSSES” Campaign targets two significant camp needs: (1) Oceanfront LOTS & (2) Pandemic LOSSES:

1. Oceanfront Lots. PAID IN FULL! In 2018, Twin Rocks purchased an acre of vacant oceanfront land on four lots located directly across Highway 101 from the camp’s entrance. Thanks to hundreds of generous donors, these lots have been paid for in full!

We are delighted to have secured the entire $880,000 purchase price (including interest, fees, and initial grading of the land).

We look forward to someday blessing future generations of campers by constructing a family-friendly retreat center on this property, though the $3-5 million price tag currently stands prohibitive, so we seek the Lord’s guidance regarding timing. In the meantime, we are content to see campers connecting with the Lord at a Prayer Walk we’ve constructed on the property.

2. Pandemic-Related Losses. PAID IN FULL! Were it not for the generosity of hundreds of camp donors, an unsolicited award from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, and $900,000 in various State and Federal government grants (PPP, etc.), the deficit would have exceeded $1.4 million. Instead, the camp’s COVID losses have been eliminated.

Lots & Losses Campaign Summary:**

Oceanfront Lots $0 PAID IN FULL!
COVID-Related Losses $0 PAID IN FULL!

* The pandemic’s complete impact has yet to be fully determined. The above figures are thus approximations.
**This Lots & Losses campaign is a COVID-revised version of the New Century Campaign that commenced in 2018.

In Kind Donations

Due to the variety of services Twin Rocks provides we use a lot of stuff. The range of items is significant. Handicap wheelchairs, lawnmowers, vehicles, commercial kitchen supplies, lumber, chairs, vacuums, roofing materials, office supplies, basketballs, ping pong paddles, faucets, mattresses, couches, the list goes on and on. Because this is a camp we are hard on our equipment and often find ourselves using items at or near the end of their useful life. We gladly accept “in kind” donations with significant useful life remaining and we will gladly give you a donation receipt for your gifts.

Note: We may need say no thank you to an offered donation for a variety of reasons: if we are overstocked with a certain item, have no space to store it until we will use it, or simply don’t judge it to have enough useful life left just to name a few. We still say thank you for thinking of us first.