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Lots & Losses Campaign

By the end of 2022, Twin Rocks needs $500,000 to cover two significant camp needs: (1) Oceanfront LOTS & (2) Pandemic LOSSES:

1. Oceanfront Lots. Twin Rocks must secure $180,000 by December 2022 in order to make final payment on the four oceanfront vacant lots it is purchasing, located directly across Highway 101 from the camp’s main entrance. These lots were secured in 2018, and have a final payment due in December 2022. More than $700,000 of the $880,000 purchase price has already been raised, leaving the camp just $180,000 short. By purchasing these lots today, we reserve this property for future generations, where we someday plan to expand the camp’s ministry to couples and families with an ocean view family-style lodge. (See below for details.)

2. Pandemic-Related Losses. A year ago, we predicted that Twin Rocks would likely lose $1.3 million due to COVID during the combined 2020 and 2021 years. Remarkably, despite COVID lingering longer than expected, it current appears that pandemic losses will instead total about $520,000.* Such a deficit is far from good news, but the camp will weather it much better than was initially feared, thanks to reduced spending and grants from the State and Federal governments and a private foundation. Even better, more than 350 friends of the camp have reached out to Twin Rocks during this time of need and already contributed $200,000 toward this cause. As such, Twin Rocks needs $320,000* to recover from its COVID-induced losses.

Lots & Losses Campaign Summary:**

Oceanfront Lots $180,000
COVID-Related Losses $320,000
TO RAISE BY DEC. 2022 $500,000

* The pandemic’s complete impact has yet to be fully determined, especially given COVID’s ongoing and persistent presence. The above figures are thus approximations.
**This Lots & Losses campaign is a COVID-revised version of the New Century Campaign that commenced in 2018 (see below).

Oceanfront Property Details

In Kind Donations

Due to the variety of services Twin Rocks provides we use a lot of stuff. The range of items is significant. Handicap wheelchairs, lawnmowers, vehicles, commercial kitchen supplies, lumber, chairs, vacuums, roofing materials, office supplies, basketballs, ping pong paddles, faucets, mattresses, couches, the list goes on and on. Because this is a camp we are hard on our equipment and often find ourselves using items at or near the end of their useful life. We gladly accept “in kind” donations with significant useful life remaining and we will gladly give you a donation receipt for your gifts.

Note: We may need say no thank you to an offered donation for a variety of reasons: if we are overstocked with a certain item, have no space to store it until we will use it, or simply don’t judge it to have enough useful life left just to name a few. We still say thank you for thinking of us first.