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Family Vacation Adventures

July 14-16, 2023

Twin Rocks Friends Camp’s newest program is proving to be a huge hit with families of all shapes and sizes.

Family Vacation Adventures is a chance to get outside, take in the beauty of nature, have fun with family, and de-stress. Paddle across a lake. Build sandcastles at the beach. Play ping-pong. Hold a live sand dollar. Take a walk in the woods. Ride a zip line. Roast marshmallows. Eat ice cream. Breathe deep. Read a Scripture passage and thank God for the blessings of family. All of this and much more await your family at Twin Rocks this summer. Spend the weekend sleeping in a comfortable cabin, enjoying family-friendly meals, and basking in your personalized assortment of adventures.

Please note: The COVID restrictions briefly mentioned in this video no longer exist.

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