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Since the first “conference” in 1918 to now, God has blessed the dreams, faith, vision, and work of hundreds of people. What foresight it must have taken for these pioneers to literally carve out space in overgrown salal and rotting logs to make room for their tents and crude cook stoves on our present site. But the rewards of Christian fellowship, spiritual birth and growth, and fun on the Oregon coast far outweighed any sacrifice.

During the years since 1918, each generation has built upon historic foundations. Concerned people were always there to meet a need. The vision has not changed! Today, as always, new niches of ministry, outreach, site, and facility improvements are being carved out as a result of vision and trust in God.

Testimonial Book – The camp recently compiled a booklet containing 22 short stories describing Twin Rocks Friends Camp’s ministry in the lives of individuals and families over its 90+ year history: Testimonial Booklet.

phot3History Book – The above text originates with the book, “75 Years of Ministry, An overview of the key events and players of the first 75 years of Twin Rocks Friends Camp and Conference Center.” Contact Kevin Frazier, if you are interested in receiving a copy. This excellent history book was written by Ankeny – Executive Director at Twin Rocks from 1979 – 1994.

Photo Catalog

We have collected photos from the beginning of Twin Rocks Friends Camp in 1918 until the present day. They are available in a searchable catalog for your enjoyment. Click on the link below and search for the photo of your interest. For instance, if you came to Boys Camp from 1971 to 1974, you can do a search for the pictures that match that criteria. (Coming Soon)

Newsletters – If you do a search for Newsletters (versus an event like Boys Camp) and click the layout button labeled “Newsletter,” you can see documents from the 1930’s until 1994. It’s interesting to read about the events and development of the camp from each era.

Movies – If you do a search for Movies and have Quicktime installed on your computer you can view a number of short movies about Twin Rocks. We also have historic movies from 1938 until 1953 available on DVD.

If you can identify people, places, or have other information about these pictures, please email Kevin Frazier with the Photo Serial Number and your contact information. Campers’ names are withheld from the past three years for their protection.

If you would like copies of photographs in this database, we can email a higher resolution version to you. Please send your contact information and the appropriate Photo Serial Number(s) to Kevin Frazier.

If you have photos to add to this catalog, please email a high resolution scan or we can scan your photo or slide and return the photo to you.

Twin Rocks Friends Camp