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Dining at Twin Rocks Friends Camp and Conference Center!

Twin Rocks Food Service

Dining is the social heart of camp for many guests. Relationships are built around the shared experience of good food and conversation at the table. Campers rave about the food at Twin Rocks, especially the homemade baked goods. Meals are generally served buffet style, but family style (food delivered to tables) may be an option depending on staffing and the time of year.

Enjoy a cup of complimentary hot coffee or tea in our Dining Center throughout your group’s stay. We also provide locally roasted gourmet coffee in our coffeeshop The Undertow. The Undertow, located in the Welcome Center, is available periodically through your group’s stay upon request. While you are waiting for your coffee order, peruse the camp’s store where you can find our latest Twin Rocks apparel, books and mercantile.

Dining Center

Our main dining hall is one of the first buildings built on camp. It has been expanded and remodeled through the years to grow with the camp, enabling more and better service of our guests.

The Dining Center seats up to 300 persons. Especially on weekends, your group may be dining with two or three other groups in the Dining Center, each group’s tables clustered within a designated area of the Dining Center. Pacific Woods Lodge guests may have a more private dining experience in the “Annex,” a portion of the Dining Center that can be made separate with a portable, soundproof wall.

There is a podium and sound system in the Dining Center for making announcements during meals.

Coffee & Tea: Complimentary hot coffee or tea is available 24 hours in the Dining Center throughout your group’s stay. Locally roasted gourmet coffee is available in the camp’s Undertow Espresso and Camp Store, located in the Welcome Center. Undertow times need to be pre-arranged with the Guest Services Director.


Our kitchen and kitchen staff can serve over a thousand meals in a day We put significant effort into giving you the best dining experience possible while balancing the desire not to charge you an arm and a leg for this service.

In order to keep you safe. We keep a clean and organized kitchen. We cook and serve food properly. This is something that our food service director is passionate about. Keeping a clean and organized kitchen that stores food properly and cooks it to the right temperature is critical to making sure your food is safe.

We also put significant effort into creating a menu that your group as a whole will enjoy. Our food service director has more decades of experience that he would like to claim in creating a menu that your group can enjoy. If your group has been here before expect to see some of your favorite meals returned and a few new items as well.

Unfortunately due to the scale of preparing food for hundreds of people to be served all at once we are not set up for personalized customization. If you have a specific need please let us our Guest Services Director know.

Special Diets

We strive to ensure that as many people as possible can attend a camp, conference or retreat at Twin Rocks. Offering special diet meals free of additional cost is one of the ways we strive to do this.

Special Diets: The food service staff at Twin Rocks Friends Camp strives to create healthy and appealing menus that the majority of your group will enjoy. Dietary substitutions and accommodations are made free of charge for the following special diets*:

We serve the following special diets*:
Wheat Free (non-celiac)
Dairy Free

Additionally during the summer our food service is entirely nut free.

Guests with additional special diet needs are welcome to bring some or all of their own food. There is a small refrigerator in the Dining Center for guest food storage as well as a large walk in refrigerator in the camp kitchen available during working hours. Please coordinate with us if you will need storage space in the walk in refrigerator.

Ahead of their stay, guests are welcome to request a copy of the menu to aid in their planning or to contact the Food Service Director with any questions or concerns.

* One significant limiting factor in providing special diets is that we have only one kitchen. We bake with wheat flour and cannot ensure that some airborne flour doesn’t land on the meal of someone that requested a wheat free diet. If your dietary restriction is life threatening, we cannot ensure that level of food control while we are serving hundreds of other people. So please contact us about what we can do to help make sure you can safely join us.


Several groups enjoy a special banquet during their stay. Our cooks and bakers also enjoy the opportunity to show off their skills with a special meal now and then.

Twin Rocks food service staff enjoys creating a banquet or special meal for guests upon request. If interested, please discuss this with our Guest Services Director for availability and additional pricing.