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Spring Lake

Along the northern edge of Twin Rocks Friends Camp sits Spring Lake, where campers enjoy many hours of swimming and boating activities.

Boating. Kayaks, row boats, and canoes provide campers with an array of boating options.

Swimming. Swimmers (who must first pass a lifeguard-supervised swim test) may swim in a designated swimming area or play on the camp’s Aqua Jump water trampoline. Non-swimmers may wade in a roped-off wading area along the lake’s shore.

Fishing. Fishing is available in Spring Lake, subject to the state’s fishing license guidelines. In addition, young summer campers are given the opportunity to learn the art of fishing at the camp’s trout-stocked fishing pen.

(Please Note: Access to Spring Lake is limited to times when a Twin Rocks lifeguard is present. Normally, the lakefront is open for 2-4 hours each afternoon during the May-September warm weather time period. Group leaders should schedule lakefront times for their group with Twin Rocks’ guest services staff.)

Twin Rocks Friends Camp